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ActionAirgun is designed for all skill levels, from beginner shooters, to the highly skilled. The all-inclusive shooting kit contains identical equipment for everyone, making a level playing field, in terms of gear. The only variable is your eagle eye and quick trigger finger. Practice makes perfect, and as the seasons carry on, the best of the best will emerge. Will it be you?

Getting Started

To get in on the Action, visit our Shop and pick up the ActionAirgun Advanced Shooting Kit, which includes everything you need to play:

  • The Gun - an all metal, blowback, CO2-propelled 1911-style airgun.
  • The Targets - durable foam rubber with a shoot and no-shoot side for various scenarios.
  • The Target Stands - heavy duty yet light weight, with unique ActionAirgun target placement grid.
  • The Timer - high quality LCD display shot timer, specially designed for Airgun use.
  • The BB's - 2000 rounds of 6mm, precision ground plastic pellets.
  • The CO2 - 10 cartridges to get you started.
  • The Holster - heavy duty ballistic nylon, ambidextrous use with spare magazine pouch.
  • The Safety Glasses - because it's important to protect those eagle eyes.
  • And complete online instructions.

While you're at the Shop, register for the next event - a 6-week subscription to a season of competition that unlocks additional interactive features that allow you to download courses of fire, post shooting times and check on other members' scores. You may join a season currently in session and shoot your way to the top.

How to Play

Setting up the range
Shooters need an available 8' by 16' area (indoors) to set up the range. Three 36" x 32" sections, labeled A, B, and C are marked off at one end of the range as designated standing areas. At the opposite end of the range is the target stand area, where two ActionAirgun target stands are set up. The wall behind the target stands should be able to withstand the impact of a BB. Hanging a shower curtain, bed sheet or drop cloth is recommended to protect windows and furnishings.

Courses of Fire (COF)
Each week, registered shooters download three designated Courses of Fire. The COF specifies how to set up the range for that week's competition - indicating how many target stands are needed, where to place the targets, where to begin and end the shooting course, and any props that may be needed to complete the challenge.

The sound-activated timer, strapped to the shooter's wrist or held by a friend, records the time it takes to complete the COF. Shooters can practice as much as they choose over the week, and upload their best three scores. At the end of the week, after everyone's scores have been entered, all scores will be posted. Full search and sort functionality allows comparison of scores with other shooters from around the world.

Completing the season
The ActionAirgun year is comprised of six 6-week seasons with two weeks in between each season. At the end of the last season, the Top 100 shooters are invited to compete live against one another at The ActionAirgun Challenge Cup.

ActionAirgun is a great way to promote firearm safety and education, as well as a challenging, fun way to keep your skills sharp. Use it for club activities, team-building at the office or recreation center, or start a new intramural activity or interscholastic league.

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